Egypt Cheap Holidays - 5 Ancient Towns Every History Enthusiast Must Visit

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Your Egypt cheap holidays with your friends or family will be a memorable experience because there is a lot to explore and witness in the country. There is something special for everyone in Egypt i.e. theme parks for children, ancient remains for the archaeology enthusiasts, stunning beaches for people who want to relax or enjoy water sports and beautiful old towns for the people who love history.

Therefore, if you are interested in exploring the historical value of a destination then visit the ancient towns mentioned here when you Egypt travel cheap for an enriching experience.

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Visit Luxor on your Egypt Cheap Holidays

Luxor is one of the most important historical city in the country which was once known to be the capital of Upper Egypt. This ancient city is located at the bank of River Nile and it contains a number of archaeological relics and monuments that are an evidence of the rule of Pharaohs on Egypt. These ancient monuments include the Temple of Luxor, the Temple of Karnak, the Valley of Kings and a number of other temples and tombs built for the Royals. This makes it a perfect place to visit for people who love history and architecture. Therefore, visit Luxor on your cheap Egypt travel with your friends or family because it provides a great learning and memorable experience for everyone.

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Alexandria was founded in 322 B.C. by Alexander the Great and it is the second largest city in Egypt. You must visit this wonderful location on your Egypt cheap holidays because it has an important connection to the history of the country. This city is known for a great number of wars and the ancient remains of the Roman amphitheatre, various catacombs, tombs and temples of the ancient time. Most of the archaeological sites were damaged because of the wars and the earthquakes that occurred in the country. However, if you visit Alexandria on your cheap Egypt holidays you will witness a number of tourist attractions that remain in quite a good condition including Qaitbay Citadel, Shallalat Gardens, the Montaza Palace and the Library of Alexandria.

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Wadi El-Natrun

Wadi El-Natrun is named after the eight lakes in the region that produce a type of salt known as natron. This beautiful town had great historical importance in the Christian history because it was inhabited by a great number of Christians in the 4th-century. During your Egypt cheap holidays, you will see four of the most impressive monasteries that have stood through all these years and are a part of World Heritage Site by UNESCO. There were more than fifty monasteries and huge walls and towers built by the Christians to protect the town and the religious sites from invasions. Therefore, visit Wadi El-Natrun when you Egypt travel cheap to explore these centuries’ old structures and their historically rich backgrounds.

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Al-Qasr is an Arabic word that means “the castle” and is a medieval town built during the Ottoman reign on the region. This is the most impressive town in the region which was built on the ruins of a Roman town in the 12th-century. The houses in this stunning town are made of mud bricks with inscriptions on the door taken from the Holy Quran. The alleys in the town are narrow and feel like mazes which you can explore on your Egypt cheap holidays. There are traditional craft shops on the sides, an olive press, working mills, a blacksmith and so much more. Therefore, visit the astonishing town of Al-Qasr on your Egypt cheap travel for an interesting and memorable experience.

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Faiyum is one of the most interesting and one of the oldest towns in the country. This town was called “Crocodilopolis” because the locals worshipped a sacred crocodile that was believed to reside in the area. However, you may not find any crocodiles in the area but on your cheap Egypt holidays, you will come across a fascinating site that surrounds Faiyum i.e. the Valley of Whales (Wadi al-Hitan). This site is included in the list of World Heritage Site by UNESCO and it contains massive fossils of the early forms of whales. Therefore, Faiyum is guaranteed to be an interesting historical site for you and your loved ones because the hundreds of whale fossils are a mandatory site to see on your Egypt cheap holidays.    


Bottom Line!

Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations in the world which is why there is no shortage of historical landmarks and ancient remains in the country. This makes it a very desirable holiday destination, especially for people who have a great interest in history, architecture and culture of different civilizations. Therefore, if you love exploring different historical sites then visit the magnificent towns mentioned above on your Egypt cheap holidays for an enriching and unforgettable experience.


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