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Package Tours Mallorca - 5 Exciting Hiking Trails to Explore with your Loved Ones

Explore the torrent de pareis on your package tours mallorca

Package tours Mallorca ensure that you have a wonderful holiday experience with your loved ones, especially if you are travelling on a budget. It is very important to keep your budget maintained while travelling to avoid unpleasant and stressful situations. Therefore, it is always beneficial to look for affordable holiday packages so you can enjoy your holiday destination with a peace of mind, especially when it is as amazing as Mallorca. Mallorca is the most visited holiday destination in Spain with stunning beaches, historical landmarks, charming little towns and villages and some of the best hiking trails in the country.

Therefore, if you and your loved ones enjoy hiking then here are some of the most exciting hiking trails to explore for a memorable Mallorca cheap package tour.

Explore the Torrent de Pareis on your Package Tours Mallorca

The Torrent de Pareis is a challenging hike that guarantees one of the most picturesque views at the end. It is one of the best known walks in Mallorca, estimated to be almost five hours long. The route of the Torrent de Pareis starts from the Lluc area which is located at the Tramuntana Mountains. This path leads to the sea with a scenic sandy beach at Sa Calobra which is worth the effort and the patience. The hiking trail, however, goes through a gorge which is formed by tall cliffs and huge rocks in the way with very narrow spaces to pass through. Therefore, if you are a hiking enthusiast then you must come fully prepared to explore the Torrent de Pareis for a memorable Mallorca package tours cheap experience with your loved ones.

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Puig de Massanella

The Puig de Massanella is one of the best hiking trails you will come across on your package tours Mallorca. It is 1364 metres above the sea level and it is the highest peak that can be reached by the hikers. There are a number of starting points for the hike up to the Puig de Massanella and some of them are a little easier than the others. One of the challenging routes is through the Lluc Monastery which also includes an oak forest in its way, therefore, be sure to keep a map if you take this route. It takes almost 8 hours to complete this hike but the gorgeous view of the island from the top of the peak is worth the wait and the effort. Therefore, pack your bag, get a map and be prepared for an adventurous experience on your cheap package tour to Mallorca.

The Cabrera Islands

One of the best places to visit with your family for an enjoyable hiking experience on your package tours Mallorca is the Cabrera Islands. This wonderful islet is a national park, located towards the south-east coast of Mallorca and offers a peaceful environment surrounded by breath-taking natural beauty. There are a number of hiking trails on this islet that vary according to their length, difficulty and route i.e. you can explore various regions on the islet by taking different pathways. There are also a number of caves, impressive cliffs, small coves and the ruins of a castle that you can explore at this islet on your Mallorca cheap package tour for a unique and memorable experience with your loved ones.

The Castle of Alaró

The hiking trail surrounding this amazing site guarantees an exciting and memorable experience for you and your loved ones. The track that leads up to this magnificent site is often quite crowded during the weekends, therefore, the best time to plan this hike on your package tours Mallorca is during the weekdays. This hiking experience takes almost two hours and begins at the town of Alaró, leading up to the mountaintop where the Castle of Alaró is located. This castle has existed at the mountaintop for centuries and has been remodified from time to time. Therefore, hike up this mountainous trail on your Mallorca package tours cheap and be amazed by the ancient ruins of the castle, the breath-taking view of Mallorca and the gleaming sea.

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Sóller is one of the most famous towns in Mallorca, known for the scenic view of the surrounding Tramuntana Mountains, the dense greenery, the surrounding villages and the sea. Sóller is also one of the best places on the island for exciting and memorable hiking experiences. There are a number of hiking tracks that start from Sóller and offer interesting routes that circulate around the surrounding villages and coves. Your package tours Mallorca will be a wonderful experience as you explore the enchanting villages such as Fornalutz and beautiful coves such as Cala Deià, which are some of the easier hiking pathways. Therefore, be sure to visit Sóller on your cheap package tour to Mallorca for an adventurous time with your loved ones.

Bottom Line!

Mallorca is the largest Balearic Island in Spain and offers some of the best holiday experiences to friends or families travelling together. You can enjoy a number of outdoor activities such as water sports, beach sports and hikes that ensure an unforgettable time for your friends or family. Therefore, plan your package tours Mallorca with your loved ones and explore the hiking trails mentioned above for one of the best holiday experiences of your life.

Travel Cheap in the Turkey – 7 Amazing Places to Visit with your Family

Cheap travel in the turkey

Turkey is one of the world’s most beautiful countries, therefore, when you travel cheap in the Turkey with your family you will have some of the most unforgettable experiences. Turkey has amazing beaches, captivating sceneries, incredible landmarks, historic sites and an interesting location which is between the continents of Asia and Europe. Turkey is, therefore, recognized as one of the most visited countries in the world with 2.6 million tourists welcomed by the country in the month of April 2018 alone.

Therefore, plan your cheap travel in the Turkey with your family and visit the destinations mentioned below for some of the most memorable experiences of your life without spending a fortune.

Visit the Hagia Sophia when you Travel cheap in the Turkey

The Hagia Sophia is an iconic mosque which was initially built as a Greek Orthodox Church in the 6th century by a Roman Emperor. It was converted into a Mosque in the 15th century during the Ottoman Empire and now stands as a museum in the city of Istanbul, with unique and detailed interior composed of marble pillars and mosaics. It is an incredible architectural structure and should be visited when you plan to Turkey cheap travel for an enriching experience with your family.

The Blue Mosque

Another popular tourist attraction and a remarkable architectural structure that stands in the city of Istanbul is the Blue Mosque. This Mosque was built by Sultan Ahmed I between 1609 and 1616 and is a fascinating site to visit when you travel cheap in the Turkey. It has 20,000 hand painted blue tiles that line the high ceiling from the inside in various patterns. These blue tiles illuminate the entire structure at night, hence giving the name Blue Mosque to this amazing building. The Blue Mosque is not only a famous tourist attraction but it is also used as a place to worship with a capacity to accommodate 10,000 people.

Mount Nemrut

The Mount Nemrut is a mandatory site to visit when you cheap travel in the Turkey as it is one of the most remarkable landmarks in the country and declared as one of the World Heritage Sites in 1987 by UNESCO. This site contains significant statues of several kings, Greek and Persian gods and a few more that indicate the existence of the Commagene Kingdom. The craftsmanship and the skill used to make these statues is unique and is a great source of fascination for people who are interested in history and architecture.

The Fairy Chimneys

Visit the Fairy Chimneys located in Cappadocia when you travel cheap in the Turkey because it is also one of the most visited sites in the country. The Fairy Chimneys are unusual rock formations that were a result of geological processes which occurred millions of years ago. These structures stand as tall as 130 feet high and are breath-taking as they change colour as the sun sets and rises. The Fairy Chimneys were inhabited by refugees who lived here during the reign of the Roman Empire. Therefore, visit the chimneys when you cheap travel in the Turkey to be amazed by the natural wonder and to experience the history of Turkey.

The Topkapi Palace

The Topkapi Palace was the main residence of the Ottoman Sultans with remarkable architecture making it an important place to visit when you travel cheap in the Turkey. The palace is a museum now displaying the artefacts that belonged to the Ottoman Sultans and a library that contains the manuscripts of the Sultans. The interior of the palace is also quite stunning with four main courtyards, painted tiles, stained-glass windows, the ivory inlay and so much more.

The Bodrum Castle

Visit The Bodrum Castle during your Turkey cheap travel for a unique and enriching experience as you explore this structure. The castle is one of the most well-preserved landmarks in the world and was built in the 15th century as a dedication to St. Peter. The castle was later converted into a museum by the Turkish Government, dedicated to the biggest underwater archaeology museum in the world. This museum now holds a collection of ancient items that were recovered from the ancient shipwrecks found underwater.

The Aspendos Theatre

Stroll through this Roman theatre when you travel cheap in the Turkey, built during the reign of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. It was built in 155 A.D. and was constantly used, renovated and repaired since then which is why it has been preserved quite well over the years. This theatre is an incredible architectural structure with a capacity to accommodate 15000-20000 people who enjoy the International Opera and Ballet Festival, held in the theatre every year.

Bottom Line!

Turkey is a very diverse country that offers entertainment for people with interests in history, culture, architecture, adventure, food and so much more. The tourist attractions in Turkey highlight the history, culture, architecture and the beauty of the country which will be a fantastic experience for you and your family. Therefore, visit the sites mentioned above when you travel cheap in the Turkey to have an incredible time with your family without worrying about your budget.