Antalya package holiday

Antalya Package Holiday - What Makes Antalya an Excellent Budget-Friendly Holiday Destination

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You can plan an affordable Antalya package holiday with your loved ones for a memorable holiday experience. Antalya is the fifth most populated city in Turkey and it is also one of the most visited cities in the country. There were more than 9.6 million visitors who were welcomed by the city in the year 2018. There are historical sites, landmarks, stunning beaches and outdoor activities that are suitable and entertaining for you to enjoy with your friends or family. Therefore, you should visit the city of Antalya at least once in your life with your loved ones for an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.

Here is what makes Antalya a wonderful and budget-friendly holiday destination.

Accommodation Options on your Antalya Package Holiday

One of the best things about visiting Antalya is the wide range of accommodation options that target different budgets. This makes it easy for glimpse travellers to find the most suitable accommodations according to their finances. There are a number of old and new residential developments that include everything from luxury hotels to apartments available for rent. Therefore, whether you are travelling to Antalya with your friends or family you will have no problem in finding a place to stay in the city. Majority of the hotels available in the city include all the basic facilities of electricity, water and food and focus on the comfort of visitors at an affordable price.  

Affordable Dining Options

The food in Antalya is one of the reasons you should visit this city with your loved ones. You will come across some of the most mouth-watering food items on your Antalya package holiday that include delicious seafood items, kebabs and traditional desserts such as baklava. There are numerous dining options for you in the city especially if you are travelling on a budget. You don’t necessarily have to visit an expensive dining establishment to treat your taste buds with the flavourful and healthy food in the city because all the famous food items are available in small hotels and in the food streets. Therefore, if you love to experience the rich flavours of different destinations without exhausting your budget then Antalya is the city to visit to try some of the most scrumptious Turkish cuisines.

Major Tourist Attractions

Antalya has an extravagant and enjoyable nightlife, beautiful beaches and a number of other tourist attractions that provide a glimpse into the history, architecture and cultural heritage of the city.

Here are some of the major tourist attractions that you can visit on your Antalya package holiday without exhausting your budget:

  • Antalya Museum - this is the perfect tourist attraction if you are a history enthusiast. This museum contains all the prominent artefacts and relics from various excavations across the country. There are archaeological treasures, mosaic displays and silver statues at this museum.
  • Aspendos - this is yet another astonishing archaeological site which is one of the most visited attractions in the city. It has a Roman theatre which is the best persevered historical site in the world and has a capacity to accommodate 15,000 people.
  • Beldibi Cave – this is a fascinating archaeological site located in the village of Olba. This cave provides the perfect opportunity to explore the Mesolithic age through pictures on the walls of the cave that depict various aspects of the ancient civilization.
  • Hadrian’s Gate – this is one of the most famous monuments in the city of Antalya and it was built for Emperor Hadrian in 130 A.D. This monument has decorated arched gateways and towers which are a sight to see on your Antalya package holiday.
  • Duden Waterfall – this is one of the most breathtaking natural wonders in Antalya. This location has 12 gorgeous waterfalls that fall into a stone river bed. You can climb down to the river bed which is surrounded by wildlife beauty and hidden cave chambers.

You can easily visit these tourist attractions, plan expeditions to explore places like the Duden waterfalls and plan picnics without exhausting your finances.

Transportation Options

Antalya is also a budget-friendly holiday destination because it has affordable transportation options. The best mode of transportation for friends or families is the public transport that includes trains or buses. Public transportation will also give you the opportunity to interact with the friendly locals or experience the city from the perspective of the residents of Antalya. Therefore, if you have to follow a budget on your Antalya package holiday then you can transport around the city through public conveyances which are convenient, affordable and comfortable.

Final Takeaways!

Antalya is a beautiful holiday destination with a number of tourist attractions, good food and numerous accommodation options that make it easy for people to spend a budget-friendly and memorable vacation. Therefore, when you plan your Antalya package holiday you can spend a wonderful time within your budget if you use public transportation, dine at the local hotels and visit some of the most gorgeous tourist attractions with your loved ones as mentioned above.