Cheap Holidays Egypt – 5 Most Popular Spots for Kitesurfing in the Country

Cheap Holidays Egypt – 5 Most Popular Spots for Kitesurfing in the Country

Your cheap holidays Egypt is guaranteed to be one of the best holiday experiences with your loved ones because there is a lot to witness and explore in the country. Egypt is a beautiful destination that offers a number of sources of entertainment for the tourists that includes historical landmarks, unique architectural structures and resort towns by the sea that are famous for water sports. These are some of the reasons why the tourism rate in Egypt is growing year by year with almost 8 million tourists welcomed by the country in 2017.

Therefore, if you are a water sports enthusiast then visit some of the destinations mentioned below for a memorable Egypt cheap holidays experience.

Visit Dahab on your Cheap Holidays Egypt for an Adventurous Time

Dahab is the most popular destination in Egypt because it is one of the most amazing places for diving and kitesurfing. Dahab has beautiful gleaming blue waters and a colourful coral reef with a wide variety of gorgeous fish, which makes it a perfect place for a memorable diving experience. However, Dahab is also a suitable location for kitesurfing because of suitable winds that remain consistent for more than six months in a year. This is why a great number of people visit Dahab to have the exciting experience of kitesurfing and to enjoy the stunning view of the surrounding mountains. Therefore, plan your Egypt holiday cheap and visit Dahab for one of the best outdoor experiences of your life.


Another perfect location that you should visit for one of the most unforgettable outdoor experiences on your cheap holidays Egypt is Hurghada. It is one of the most visited destinations in the country which is swarmed with a great number of water sports enthusiasts because of the beautiful waters and the suitable winds throughout a year. Hurghada is famous for a great number of water sports other than kitesurfing which include snorkelling, diving, jet skiing and swimming with dolphins. Therefore, if you thoroughly enjoy water sports, especially kitesurfing, then visit Hurghada on your Egypt holidays inexpensive where beautiful blue waters and a pleasant weather are waiting for you.

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Ras Sudr

Ras Sudr is one of the best destinations to visit on your Egypt cheap holidays that also offers kitesurfing lessons for beginners to ensure that no one misses out on this exciting experience. Ras Sudr is a small town which is located only a few hours away from Cairo and it is often swarmed with professional kite surfers. This is one of the perfect places to visit on your cheap Egypt holidays, especially for the beginners because the water isn’t deep and the blowing winds are quite suitable to learn kitesurfing. Therefore, visit Ras Sudr on your Egypt holidays with your friends and family and have an adventurous experience which is guaranteed to be safe and secure for everyone.

El Gouna

El Gouna is a resort town surrounded by a variety of comfortable accommodations. It is also one of the popular kitesurfing centres and lies a few kilometres away from Hurghada. It has a secure environment, consistent and suitable winds throughout the year and safe shallow water which is also a beautiful sight to see. Your Egypt holiday cheap will be an amazing experience if you visit this location that not only provides a fantastic environment for kitesurfing but it also hosts kitesurfing leagues every year. This event showcases the talent of some of the best national and international professional kite surfers. Therefore, visit El Gouna on your cheap holidays Egypt for a memorable kitesurfing experience and to witness some of the most talented people. There are also a number of kitesurfing schools in the area that offer beginner classes for everyone.

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North Coast

Another amazing location for kitesurfing on your Egypt holidays inexpensive is the North Coast which is a few hour drive away from Cairo. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit if you are a water sports enthusiast because of the suitable winds in the area and the big waves that make the entire experience even more exciting. North Coast has a coastline that extends for almost 1,050 kilometres along the Mediterranean Sea and it is quite famous for the beautiful view as well. The water here is crystal clear and blue and the beaches have a clean beautiful sand. There are a number of other water sports that you can enjoy on your cheap holidays Egypt in North Coast that include sailing, kayaking and wakeboarding. Therefore, the North Coast is not only a wonderful place for water sports enthusiasts but also for people who would like to sit by the gorgeous water and spend a peaceful time.

Key Takeaways!

Egypt is a magnificent country which is most famous for the historical landmarks and the sandy desert. However, Egypt is one of the best holiday destinations and offers more than just the sand which includes the opportunity for the tourists to enjoy thrilling water sports at safe and secure locations. Therefore, if you love water sports then be sure to visit some of the destinations mentioned above on your cheap holidays Egypt for one of the most unforgettable outdoor experiences.